MasterUpfitter Application

Apply to become a MasterUpfitter

Thank you for your interest in becoming a MasterUpfitter! Completion of the online application will take around 30 minutes, beginning to end, and it must be completed and submitted within one session. Before you begin, please make sure you have the following files on hand:

  • Company Logo
  • Upfit Solution Sell Sheets
  • Pictures of your Upfit Solutions
  • Final Stage Manufacturer Labels, Registrations and Memberships (including labels that are affixed on each upfitted vehicle)
  • Current and Valid NHTSA Registration

Step 1: Fully review the online MasterUpfitter application form, the body and equipment guidelines (BEG) and the Incomplete Vehicle Document.
Step 2: If your company can match and provide all the required information - fill out the entire MasterUpfitter form with your information and click submit. You will be asked to confirm a set of questions before you can submit the application.
Step 3: Once submitted online, you will need to download and print out the additional application documents. Please complete them with the appropriate signatures, initials and notaries where applicable and mail the documents to the address given.
Step 4: Upon receipt and review, a member of our team will be in touch.

1. GENERAL / CONTACT INFORMATION All fields with * are mandatory.


Drop Ship

As part of the MasterUpfitter Program, you are eligible for a drop-ship code.

Key Contacts

You may nominate the same contact for multiple areas (including Chief Officer / Owner) if necessary.

The Chief Officer / Owner is required to have access to the portal.


What type of upfitter are you? Select all of the following that apply:

List here any partnerships or distribution arrangements that you have with other MasterUpfitters or other relevant National Upfitters


As a reference, please enter information for an authorized Daimler Van dealership from which you are sourcing vehicles and / or have an existing business relationship with


Document Availability

Please confirm that the following documents covering the scope of your upfits are available to end customers and will be made available to Daimler representatives upon request.

Parts Availability

Please confirm that you provide your end-customers with timely replacement parts for your upfits.

Quality Management

2. UPFIT SOLUTIONS AND SPECIALTY INFORMATION All fields with * are mandatory.







Upfit Industry78

Select all the types of attachments, bodies, or conversions that you are involved with

Upload your upfit solution sell sheets and brochures here

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Upload pictures of your upfit solutions here

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3. REGULATORY AND COMPLIANCE All fields with * are mandatory.



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Select all of your company's relevant association memberships. Some selections are mandatory for advancement to the next stage of the application (and may depend on prior section's inputs); the rest are optional.

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4. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS All fields with * are mandatory.

Please review the following information for the purpose of document production.


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