Mercedes PRO connect for Private Customers

Selected Mercedes PRO connect features around navigation and internet connection are also offered for private and RV customers. Be sure to activate your customer’s services by following the process steps shown below.

To learn more about Mercedes PRO connect for commercial/business customers please see

The following selected connectivity features are available for private customers:

internet in the car1

  • Allows the use of mobile devices in the vehicle
  • Easy to use, thanks to uncomplicated pairing of the device with the Wi-Fi hotspot
  • One Wi-Fi hotspot for up to eight mobile devices in the vehicle
  • High stability of the internet connection in the vehicle

live traffic & car-2-X info

  • Faster arrival thanks to best possible route guidance and avoidance of traffic with real-time traffic information
  • Real-time road condition warnings on the display of the multimedia system
  • More efficient use of working time as idle time in traffic can be avoided

multimedia functions

  • Convenient voice control with "Hey, Mercedes" (Mercedes-Benz) or "Hey, Sprinter" (Freighliner) combined with online information. Try "How did the Falcons play?"
  • Voice control makes content easier to find, using "Global Search"
  • Large range of radio stations via "Internet Radio"
  • Simplified navigation using a unique 3-word address (what3words)

navigation functions

  • Find local gas stations with better prices on the navigation screen of the multimedia system
  • Weather information directly on the navigation system's map via "Weather“
  • Display of available parking facilities and information about parking areas in the multimedia system using the "Parking“ function

NOTE: The service Emergency Call System is always activated. The service Accident and Breakdown Management is activated as well, which gets you in touch with our roadside assistance team. The customer must confirm the submission of vehicle related data to the Customer Assistance Center within the vehicle.

Please follow these simple steps to activate Mercedes PRO connect for your private or RV customer

Generate and print the Terms of Use for your customer to sign

Generate and print the Terms of Use for your customer using the form below. Hand your customer a copy and ask him to agree by signing the form.

Forward the signed Terms of Use and VIN

Scan the signed Terms of Use page (the form signed by the customer) and send the scanned form as an e-mail to

Activation of Mercedes PRO connect for RV

After validating the Terms of Use and the VIN, MBUSA activates the Mercedes PRO connect infotainment system services for private Sprinter RV customers within 7 business days.

Inform the Customer about the Activation

Mercedes-Benz Vans USA notifies you about the activation. It is then your responsibility to inform the customer about the activation of Mercedes PRO connect infotainment system services for RV.

Please fill out the form bellow and click the “Print” button to generate the Terms of Use for your customer.

All fields with * are mandatory.

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