MasterUpfitter Program Overview

The MasterUpfitter Program

Purpose of the MasterUpfitter Program

The Sprinter and the Metris deliver a solid base for every upfit – and a well-respected brand name. That means the title as a MasterUpfitter is a measurable competitive advantage. The shared desire for utmost customer satisfaction is supported 24/7 by providing each MasterUpfitter with a comprehensive toolbox that includes special access to technical information reserved only for MasterUpfitters, MasterUpfitter logo usage, dedicated engineering support, ship-to3 capabilities and the opportunity to showcase their solutions.

Key Advantages for MasterUpfitters

Dedicated MasterUpfitter Dashboard

MasterUpfitters have special access to the MasterUpfitter Dashboard via a login. From there, in a convenient platform, MasterUpfitters can update and manage their company profiles, upload pictures and brochures, download 3D data, connect to the VIP technical support team, access exclusive content on the upfitter portal and enjoy other exclusive benefits reserved only for MasterUpfitters.

VIP technical support

MasterUpfitters are entitled to a dedicated sales engineering team that can help you find answers to your technical questions, anything related to the options/packages of the base vehicle, the interpretation of existing guidelines and even the investigating of additional information required to build safely on Mercedes-Benz Vans.

MasterUpfitter Marketing Tools

The MasterUpfitter receives a certificate and a detailed handbook that are intended to assist in promoting and communicating the advantages of the MasterUpfitter status. The handbook includes the MasterUpfitter logo guidelines and basic vehicle product descriptions for use in all public and internal marketing efforts.

In addition, an online upfitter profile also offers Mercedes-Benz Vans authorized dealers the ability to search for upfit solutions online, MasterUpfitter solutions. The profile can include any number of images, brochures, spec sheets, contact information and other relevant information and it is maintained and updated by the MasterUpfitters themselves.

Additional Benefits

Prominent features on the Upfitters section of the Mercedes-Benz Vans family of websites include Upfitter-specific videos, an image gallery and a searchable MasterUpfitter database open to the public. MasterUpfitters also have the opportunity to participate in corporate sponsored events and tradeshows upon request.

Customer benefits gained from doing business with MasterUpfitters

Master of the Trade3

All MasterUpfitters are experts of their specific trade or specialty. Becoming a MasterUpfitter, involved a commitment to all applicable regulatory and the most up-to-date upfitting standards. By recognizing these experts, or Masters of their trades, customers can reap the benefits of their combined expertise and have a wealth of solutions available for the Sprinter or Metris.

3-year / 60,000 km Basic Limited Warranty

MasterUpfitters agree to match the 3-year / 60k-km limited warranty which extends to cover components and installations that meet the high-quality standards customers expect from a Sprinter or Metris.1

Special Vehicle Financing Options

In most cases, vans sold by an authorized Mercedes-Benz Vans dealer with a solution from a MasterUpfitter are eligible to be structured into the same finance or lease contract as the base vehicle through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.2

  1. Basic coverage according to Basic Limited Warranty regulations. Normal maintenance and wear items are excluded.
  2. Restrictions apply. Actual rates, terms, down payment, advance and program eligibility will be determined by MBFS Credit Team based on vehicle type, contract requested and credit-worthiness of customer.
  3. Mercedes-Benz Vans does not approve, test the performance, design or in any way take ownership of the products, upfits and solutions sold by MasterUpfitters.
  4. Mercedes-Benz Canada does not approve, test the performance, design or in any way take ownership of the products, upfits and solutions sold by MasterUpfitters and Ship-Thru Upfitters.
  5. Mercedes-Benz Canada does not own, manufacture, design, or test the performance of the products, upfits and solutions sold by MasterUpfitters.
  6. MasterUpfitters are independently owned and operated third-party entities, and not a part of or in any way affiliated with Mercedes-Benz Canada.